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Apple Varieties in Miapple collection (May 2013)

Table of (Hard) Cider Varieties

Variety................................. Flower Group Source/Origin.... Description................................................................... References
Antionette 2 France Small to meduim, globular to round red on green with dense red stripes, little or no russett, flowers early, ripens mid-season, fruit is firm and sweet - translation from PAC PAC
Bedan 4 France Small to medium oval or globular, yellow with red haze, no stripes or russett, flowers late, ripens late flesh is sweet - translation from PAC PAC
Belle Casheuse 3-4 France Small to medium globular or oval, yellow or pale yellow with red haze or red stripes, flowers early ripens mid-season, flesh is sweet - translation from PAC PAC
Blanche 4-5 France Small to medium globular to flat, no stripes yellow with slight presence of fire, no russett, flowers mid season, ripens late, flesh is tender and acid, use as juice or cider - as translated PAC
Breakwell's Seedling 5 Sf UK Bittersharp, Medium flatround yellow flushed darkred, flesh crisp juicy, ripe midseason OAK/Grove
Brown Snout 5 UK Bittersweet, small conical yellow-green fruit Self fertile LC
Brown's Apple 4 UK Sharp, meduim/large oblate/flattened yellow with dark red stripes LC
Bulmers Norman 3 UK Bittersweet, Triploid,medium/large conical yellow/green  slight orange flush LC
Chataigner 4-5 France Sharp/Sweet;Medium dark brown/red acid - for pies tarts and cider med.high tannin CW
Closette 3 France Medium to large, round to semi-flat, green with red vermilion zone and dense to large stripes. Flowers and ripens meduim to late. Yelowish bitter sweet flesh. Pollen poor PAC
Court of Wick 3 UK Sharp;Cider/dessert, medium round highly flavoured yellow with orange flush LC
Court Royal = Possum 5 UK? Bittersweet, Round conical palegreen with red flush stripes, soft/mealy flesh, high tannin OAK/Grove
Cremiere 4-5 France Bittersweet, Medium elongated pale green to creamy colour,  not v .juicy, high tannin OAK/Grove
Cimetiere de Blangy 4 France Bittersweet, medium conical green/yellow crimson flush- MC
Dabinette 4-6 UK Bittersweet; meduim conical yellow with pink red stripes Self fertile High tannins LC
Deleplace 3 France Sweet;Pale yellow bloom on dark red-maroon skin. Sweet little acid good eating PAC
De Bouteveille 3 France Bittersweet, meduim yellow/red w crimson flush MC
Doux Amer Gris = Maigrillou 3 France Bittersweet fruit small to medium flowers and ripens meduim to late  -translation from PAC
The name translates as Sweet-Bitter-Grey. The Miapple tree retains the unique grey/green colouring in the leaves and the base fruit grey/green colour with a flush of orange brown but the variety loves the climate and water of MIApple Farm - the tree is vigorus and the fruit quite large with a sweet sub-acid flavour and little bitterness. The apple is a good alrounder for cooking, juice, hard cider and straight eating.  Further info is found on the internet with colour paintings and see the French website www.polefruitierbretagne.fr
Eggleton Styre UK Sweet;Small yellow flushed orange sweet cider type CW
Fenoullet Gris 2? France Sweet;Medium flat full russett : flesh crisp sweet aniseed CW
Foxwhelp 2 UK Bittersharp;Brilliant red apple,Sourced by DP from Farrow - unconfirmed M&R
French Crab (Winter Greening) 3 France Medium int/trunc/conic yellow green brown red flush: flesh crisp grn/white high tannin M Smith
Frequin Rouge Amer 3-4 France Bittersweet Medium globular to flat round, yellow with medium red stripes no russett, flowers early to mid season, ripens medium to late, flesh crisp juicy  - very high tannin PAC
Frequin Tardive de Sarth 6 France Small yellow fruit with slight flush, flowers and ripens late, bittersweet, susc to fireblight MC
Galopina France New item detail to be input when translated from French PAC
General (Calvile Rouge d"Hiver) 4 France Sharp;Med/large int/tall/trunc/conic green/yellow flushed red: flesh crisp grn/white M Smith
Golden Harvey (BrandyApple) 2 UK Bittersweet;Small round golden w red/orange blush covered in brown russett: flesh crisp, sweet acid M Smith
Grossielle 3 France Sharp;Green with red flush - multipurpose cooker Brogdale
Gross Doux  4-5? France Large flat round Green, white flesh crisp and juicy, av.sugars harvest mid-season OAK/Grove
Hoary Morning 3? UK Somerset Medium oblate to flat and ribbed, pale green  with pale red flush and stripes and russett near stem, flowers and ripens mid-season, flesh crisp acid bittersweet LC
Improved Foxwhelp 3 UK Bittersharp;Meduim red and striped - extremely sharp useful for blending CW
Jaunet 3 France Bittersweet, small round yellow green with russett, flowers and ripens mid-season, high sugar and tannin. The tree at Miapple tends to fruit biannually. PAC
Kingston Black 4 UK Bittersharp, small conical, yellow with dark red stripes LC
Martin Frossard 2 French Bittersweet, Large round to conical, yellow washed with pink and touches of russett, flowers early ripens mid season, flesh sweet to  Bittersweet - translation from PAC PAC
Michelin 4 Sf UK Bittersweet, meduim conical yellow with pink flush Self fertile
Red Normandy (BlenheimOrange?) 4 Large flat orange blush and russett - in his book All about Apples - Allan Gilbert suggests that from an old list Red Normandy may be Blenheim Orange AG
Pomeroy of Somerset=Taunton 4 UK Sweet;Medium tall conic ribbed, green yellow orange flush w red stripe. crisp yellow  M Smith
Red Cluster 4 UK Small red variety from Somerset fruits late. DP
Reine de Hatives 3-4 France Mild bittersweet, small/medium conical yellow w pink flush MC
Rous Latour 4 France Small to medium, conical oval to long, yellow with a flame of sun and russetted, flowers medium to late and ripens very late,  Sweet; - translation from PAC PAC
Roxbury Russett 2-3 USA From David Pickering Unconfirmed medium variable flat to trunc-conical green with yellowbrown russett, flesh coarse yellowgreenwhite subacid very late M Smith
Somerset Redstreak 3 UK Bittersweet, medium/large flat/conical green/yellow with bright red flecks LC
Stubbard (SummerStibbert) 3 UK Sharp;Dual purpose, medium conical yellow with some pink/brown flush
Australian (Grove) version is yellow w heavy red flush/stripes - doubt if same variety.
Stokes Red 5-7 UK Bittersharp, Flowers very late; small flat/round yellow with dark red stripes - good single cider High tannins Notably it flowered in week nine at Miapple Farm and Verite grown along side flowered from weeks six to nine. Verite may prove a suitable pollinator. PC LC
Sturmer Pippin 4 UK Sweet; Multiuse, oblong/conical yellow brown/pink flush pop.cider  in Tasmania MC
Sugarloaf Pippin 3-4 UK Sharp;Long narrow shaped pale yellow with white on sunny side: Crisp high acid M Smith
Sweet Alford 4 UK Mild bittersweet, medium flat/conical green/yellow w slight pink/orange flush LC
Sweet Coppin 4 Sf UK Sweet, medium conical green/yellow w slight orange/pink flush, Self fertile LC
Tremletts Bitter 4 UK Bittersweet, medium elongated/conical yellow w mid red flush LC
Verite' 5-9 France Sharp Large globular to flat, minimal stripes medium to strong colours in red some russett, ripens late, flesh Sharp acidic;  translation from PAC / Grown along side Stoke Red at Miapple Farm - both in flower in week nine. May be a suitable pollinator for Stoke Red. PAC
Yarlington Mill 3-4 UK Bittersweet;Self fertile, medium yellow w dark red stripes/flecks LC



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