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Apple Varieties in Miapple collection (May 2013).

Table of General Varieties E to L.

Variety................................. Flower Group Source/Origin.... Description................................................................... References
Eagle Point Star 3 Yalca Thought to have been discovered on the roadside near Eagle Point in Gippsland, Victoria has purple flowers fruit tastes like a crab apple, when cut open white flesh reveals a red star in the middle, wood is red in colour. Yalca
Early Carrington 1 Australia Small Red with white flesh bland if December not hot, fruit ripens very early sometimes by Christmas in Australia - hence the alternate name Christmas apple. CW
Early Joe 3 USA Medium conical palegreen/yellow flush striped dark red :crisp rich flavour MC
Edward VII 5 UK Cooker Med/large flat/rect/conic yellow/green: flesh white/grn crisp acid M Smith
Egremont Russett 2 UK Multipurpose medium int/rect/conic yellow w gold/brown flush: flesh firm green sweet M Smith
Ein Shemer 2 Sf Israel Low Chill,Medium round/conical green/yellow: flesh sweet sharp juicy crisp Self fertile M C
Elstar 3 Holland Med/large round/conical yellow w light red stripes:flesh cream sweet juicy crisp M C
Emneth Early (Early Victoria) 2-3 Sf UK Medium tall conic ribbed; yellow green skin; flesh soft acidic fruits early M Smith
Empire 3 USA Medium int/flat solid deep red, creamy crisp subacid aromatic. McIntosh x Delicious M Smith
Englands Glory 4? UK Glory of England; Large cooker; Pale yellow biennial M C
Epicure (Laxton's Epicure) 3 UK Intermediate trunc-conic - greenish yellow flushed orange brown red streaks - crisp sweet M Smith
Esopus Spitzenberg 3 USA Multipurpose Int/rectangulartoconical deep yellow all bright red;flesh fine crisp yellow M Smith
Fameuse (Snow apple) 3 Sf Canada Small int/rectangular/trunc/conic red apple snowy white flesh sweet subacid M Smith
Flavorsum 4
Medium round to flat bright red flush/stripes - flesh white crisp and sweet - fruits early A Gilbert
Finson's Orange

New item description NEEDED
Firikia 3 Greek Popular little apple grown on Mt. Pilio in Greece; Small oblong shape green with red stripes on the sunny side, sweet and fragrant, used in Greek dessert dishes.  Internet
Five Crown (London pippin) 4-5 UK Medium flat/int/conic yellow brown red flush: flesh firm crisp, green/white subacid M Smith
Forfar Pippin 5 Scotland UK Flat to intermediate - greenish yellow with orange flush red stripes - crisp subacid very late M Smith
Forge 4 UK Medium intermediate, rec to trunc-conic ribbed; yellow flushed with red and stripes;flesh soft, white sweet subacid M Smith
Freyberg 3 NZ Medium flat/rectangular pale yellow w red patches russett: flesh crisp sweet grn/white M Smith
Frosts Seedling 3
Small round with five low ribs at base, predominantly green with some red stripes.Crisp juicy with refreshing flavour. Early harvest. OAK/Grove
Fuji - Aki Fu No 1 3 Japan Medium less flat more conical than Fuji, Pink red striped less colour, firmer, crisp flavourful DPI NSW
Fuji - Naga Fu no 2 3 Japan Medium less flat more conical than Fuji, Pink red flush darker stripes:flesh crisp lt subacid DPI NSW
Full Monty (Monty Surprise)
Large flat round, Lt Green w red stripes, crisp sweet/sharp eating and cooking ripens late April known by NewZealanders as Full Monty now trademarked as Montys Surprise.
Gala (see also Royal Gala) 3 NZ Medium int/tall/rect/trunc/conic yellow bt orange flush deeper stripes: flesh ylw/white  M Smith
Geante de l'exposition 3 France Large flat/rect/conic pale yellow cvd w red flush and stripes: flesh fine white subacid M Smith
Geeveston Fanny 3 Australia Medium flat/rect/trunc/conic lemon/lt green pale red flush:flesh crisp aromatic subacid M Smith
Gildering Sage D'Espagne 5 Spain Small round green with red stripes, crisp juicy acid, flowers late ripens mid-season small reference on French apple websites, no English references. Oakheritage
Gladstone (Mr Gladstone) 4 UK Medium conic, greenish yellow w deep bright red, soft greenwhite flesh, vinous flavour M Smith
Gloria Munday 4 Germany? USA Large intermediate to flat, greenish yellow. Coarse greenwhite flesh, bittersweet M Smith
Golden Delicious 3 Sf USA Medium int/tall/rect/trunc/conic  yellow some orange flush: flesh crisp yell/white sweet S/fert M Smith
Golden Harvey(Brandy Apl) 2 UK Medium intermediate rectangular, yellow flushed red w rough russett, sweet rish aromatic M Smith
Golden Hornet (Crab) 2-4 UK Prolific flowers and bunches of little apples MC
Golden Noble 4 Canada Cooker - High C Large int/rect/trunc/conic gold/yellow lt russett: Flesh crisp white acid M Smith
Italy Bright red flush, Flesh pale yellow, sweet crisp honey flavour - GdelXJonathan M C
Gold Medal 4 UK Large flat/conic yellow/green: flesh soft white slight acid M Smith
Gooseberry Pippin 2 UK Cooker variable shape, yellow green, ribbed, russett dots, firm green flesh, very acid M Smith
Grand Duke Constantine
Russia/Crimea MedLarge flat trucconic yellow w crimson flush/streals - firm sweet subacid - season early M Smith
Grandemere 3 France Large irregular shape intermediate to trunc-conic knobbed and ribbed;pale yellow with netted russettt; sometimes pink flush;flesh white sweet; late to very late M Smith
Granny Smith 3 Sf Australia Multipurpose Medium int/rect/convex green/yellow orange flush pink stripes subacid M Smith
Gravenstein 2 Italy? Large int/trunc/conic orange/yellow w orange/red flush:flesh fine crisp sweet aromatic M Smith
Grimes Golden 3 Sf USA Medium int/rect/trunc/conic golden/yellow slt russett: flesh cream/orange subacid M Smith
Hazelwood 2
Ex KR HELP NEEDED to identify ?
Hollow Crown 3 USA Large int/trunc/conic yellow w striped and marbelled red: Flesh coarse crisp yellow M Smith
Hoover (Black Coal)

USA Large roundish oblate yellow striped with two shades of dark red almost black and some russet. Flesh yellow, moderately juicy subacid, good keeper. Leafs out late with leaves later than average. M Smith
Huonville Crab 3 Australia -Tas Tree found in Huonville, Tamania, Dark pink blossom, purple leaves, Deep scarlet crab apples, deep pink flesh, pleasant taste, makes a good cider. Bob Magnus
Hyslop Crab
USA Small round yellow w dark red flush, flesh yellow firm sharp astringent - use cider, cooking USA websites indicate use in cider making due to high tannin content. M C
USA Flat rect to trunc-conic slight ribbed; yelllow with crimson flush and darker streaks russetted near stalk; flesh crisp creamy white and sweet M Smith
Idared 3 USA Dessert Large flat/rect/ yellow w bright red flush: flesh white/green slt sweet mod acid M Smith
Illinois Blaze 2-3 USA Blaze raised at Illinois Agri Res Station, USA is a Collins x Fanny. Fruit has carmine flush with  stripes,  sweet crisp taste. Grove
Isaac Newtons Tree 5 UK Cooker  Large smooth flushed/striped: Flesh sweet delicate puree M C
Irish Peach 2 Ireland Dessert medium flat trunc/conic green/yellow w orange/red flush and red streaks M Smith
James Grieve 3-4 Scotland Medium int/rect/trunc/conic pale yellow w red flush and stripe:flesh sweet loose subacid M Smith
Jerseymac 3 USA Dessert Medium/large conical yellow w dark red flush: flesh snow white sweet M C
John Batman Tree
AustraliaTaken from a cutting off Victoria's oldest apple tree first planted by John Batman before 1839 and transplated  to Greensborough Victoria in 1841 by Theodore Flintoff. The original Batman Tree a round green apple with a red flush was modeled and exhibited as Whatmough's Fancy in 1875 is likely to be a Winter Majetin re-grafted with Rymer about 1890 that was later grafted with Rome Beauty about 1913. When my tree fruits it could be any of the three varieties mentioned.Museum  Victoria
John Downie Crab 3 UK Larger than normal flowering crab apple eatable makes good crabapple jam Yalca
Jolly Beggar 3 Scotland Intermediate conic ribbed - yellow w orange flush - subacid - early-mid season M Smith
Jonagold 3 USA Triploid Med-large round gold striped red range/red flush: flesh cream sweet sharp M C
Jonagold Red (jonagored) 3 Sf Belgium Sport of Jonagold Grove
Jonathan 3 USA Medium int/trunc/conic yellow w extensive bt red flush and some stripes;flesh subacid M Smith
Jongrimes 3 USA Medium intermediate to tall rectangular; skin yellow flushed orange streaked red; flesh loose texture creamy and sweet M Smith
Kaiser Wilhelm 4 Germany Med to large intermediate conic ribbed; skin yellow w crimson flush and darker stripes russett in cavity; flesh crisp yellow white sweet subacid spicy; lste to very late M Smith
Kandil Sinap 3 Russia Crimea Large tall/trunc/conic pale yellow most flushed and striped red: flesh snow white sweet M Smith
Kent Orange (Malling Kent) 3 UK Syn Malling Kent Round conical red colour on a green base with russet lenticals. Flesh firm cream colour aromatic. A desert apple that keeps well.  M Clark
Keswick Codlin 2 UK Medium flat conic ribbed - yellow w faint red flush - flesh soft yellow acid - early season M Smith
Kidds Orange Red 4 NZ Medium int/trunc/conic yellow w orange/red flush and red stripes:flesh sweet aromatic M Smith
King Cole 4 Australia Medium tall/rect green/yellow w bright red flush/stripes:flesh firm grn/white subacid M Smith
King David 3 USA Medium intermediate trunc-conic; skin yellow covered with deep red; flesh firm coarse white tinged orange subacid slt sweet. M Smith
King of the Pippins 4 UK High vit.C  Medium int/conic golden flushed orange w red streaks: flesh ylw/white sweet M Smith
King of Tompkins County 4 USA Triploid. Large flat rect to trunc-conic, yellow flushed pale red w dark red stripes, flesh coarse yellowish subacid sweet aromatic. M Smith
Lady Sudeley 4 UK Medium intermediate rect to trunc conic w ribs, bt yellow flushed red orange w red stripes ,flesh firm fine yellow subacid and sweet M Smith
Lady Williams 3 Australia Pink Ladys mum Medium  bright red flush, Crisp (poor flavour in England) M C
Lalla (Sport of delicious) 4 UK Medium oblong conical, yellowgreen w red flush and short red stripes - sport of  Delicious M C
Lancashire Pippin 5 UK Intermediate trunc conic slt ribbed - green yellow w orange flush - flesh soft creamy subacid M Smith
Laxtons Fortune (Fortune) 4 UK Medium trunc connic slt ribs pale yellow green w deep red flush and streaks, flesh firm creamywhite sweet rich. Cox's Oramne Pippin x Wealthy M Smith
Laxtons Superb 3 UK Dessert Medium int/trunc/conic yellow flushed crimson w dark sreaks: flesh fine sweet M Smith
Legal Tender 1? Australia? Listed in Goodman's catalogue of 1906&1914 as a very large dark red apple that hangs on the tree well and keeps until next year's apples come in. Neil
Legana 3 Australia Medium trunc/conic yellow/green flushed dark red: flesh fine grn/white sweet subacid M Smith
USA Tall to intermediate - yellow  flushed and sriped red - flesh firm yellow sub-acid M Smith
Lodi 2 USA Med large intermediate conic; pale yellow with deeper yellow flush;flesh coarse acid M Smith
Lord Burghley 5 UK Medium Flat/trunc/conic green/yello w brown/red flush: flesh firm yellow sweet M Smith
Lord Derby 3 UK Large intermediate trunc-conic ribbed;skin yellow; flesh firm pale yellow subacid  M Smith
Lord Lambourne 3-4 UK Esp Medium int/flat/rect green/yellow w red flush and darker stripes: crisp creamy M Smith
Lord Nelson 2-3 Australia Large flat rectangular; form of Kentish Fillbasket; Skin yellow w reddish brown flush red stripes russett; flesh crisp cream slt sweet M Smith
Lord Suffield 2 UK Large tall conic ribbed; skin pale yellow with depper yellow flush; flesh crisp tough acid M Smith


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