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Apple Varieties in Miapple collection (May 2013).

Table of General Varieties M to R.

Variety................................. Flower Group Source/Origin.... Description................................................................... References
McIntosh 2 Sf USA Large Int/flat/trunc/conic pale yellow w deep red flush & stripe: flesh crisp subacid M Smith
Magnolia USA Medium flat trunc-conic, yellow and striped w mottled crimson - white subacid aromatic M Smith
Maharaji Sophorae 2-3 Large regular round greenish white with flecklike red stripes.Firm crisp juicy slightly acidic with moderately high tannins. Harvest mid season.   OAK/Grove
Maiden(s) Blush USA Syn Maiden Blush Medium flat to trunc/conic. Pale yellow flushed crimson. Flesh fine, moderately crisp tender, subacid mid to late season. Two other Maidens Blush listed. M Smith
Maigold 3 Swiss Medium pale green w bt red flush: flesh pale yellow sweet-sharp crisp juicy M C
Maiatiki 1 HELP NEEDED Also known as Miatiki.Ex KR Description needed for confirmation ?
Mannington's Pearmain UK Med flat to intermediate trunc-conic - yellow w brownred flush russett dots- sweet subacid medlate - often fleshy protuberence at stalk M Smith
Melba 2 Canada Medium flat/int/rect/trunc/conic palem yellow w pink stripes: flesh crisp white sweet some experts say Melba does not exist in Australia and it is Red Astrachan mis-named M Smith
Melrose 3 USA Flat trunc-conic ribbed;Skin yellow green with brownish red flush and streaks russett spots; flesh creamy coarse white slt acid; very late M Smith
Merton Worcester 3 UK Coxs OP x Worcester Pearmain; medium intermediate flat trunc-conic; greenish yellow covered with bright crimson and russett dots; flesh crisp creamy white sweet aromatic M Smith
Monarch Cross Ex Strz - could be crossbred from Monarch which is blotchy cherry red, fruit drops when ripe, sharp aromatic origin USA M C
Monroe 3 USA Jonathon x Rome Beauty; medium flat trunc conic; pale greening yellow flushed and streaked brownish crimson; flesh soft creamy sweet subacid M Smith
Murray Gem (Red Granny Smith 4 Australia Medium Red Good keeper late harvest- not a sport of Granny Smith CW
Mutsu (Crispin) 3 Japan Triploid, Large int/tall/trunc/conic Brt Green w gold/brown flush: flesh white crisp sweet M Smith
Newton Wonder Red 5 UK ? Sport of Newton Wonder, large flat trunc conic, yellow w scarlet flush and stripes, flesh firm crisp acid late to very late. Cooks well M Smith
Nickajack (Carolina) 3 USA Large flat/int/rectangular green/yellow w orange/red flush and streaks:flesh crisp yellow M Smith
Northern Spy 5 USA Large flat/trunc/conic green/yellow w pink/red flush russett patches: flesh firm yellow M Smith
Opalescent 3 USA Large int/conical pale yellow w bt scarlet flush and stripes: flesh firm creamy sweet M Smith
Orin 4 Japan Med/large oblong/conical w red/orange flush russett: flesh pale yellow sweet, honeyed M C
Orleans Reinette 4 France Medium flat rectangular; skin golden yellow slt red flush with russett patches; flesh yellow cfrisp sweet subacid perfumed; late to very late M Smith
Ortley (Cleopatra) 4 USA Med/large tall/rectangular yellow w green stripes: flesh crisp creamy subacid M Smith
Peasgoods Nonsuch 3 UK Large flat/rectangular green/yellow w carmine flush & stripes: flesh coarse, yellowish  M Smith
Pine Golden Pippin 5 UK Medium flat/int/rectangular brown russett: flesh yellowish subacid like pineappe M Smith
Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) 3 Australia Med/large oblong/conical  green/yellow w pink flush: flesh sweet-sharp juicy crisp M C
Pitmaston Pineapple 4 UK Small tall/conical yellowish w much russett: flesh crisp yellow rish flavour like pineapple M Smith
Pommier Nain 4? France? Flowers late, large fruit yellow with red stripes, mealy juicy, good flavour average sugars. Oak/Grove
Poor House 2 USA Large intermediate to flat rectangular; skin pale yellow green with russett dots; subacid Late harvest M Smith
Potts Seedling UK Large rectancular, ribbed, greenish yellow with brown flush and russett dots. Flesh firm white acid - mid season. M Smith
Priam 3 France Reddish fruit, prefers cold winters -Ex KR M C
Prima 3 USA Med/large round bt yellow w red flush: flesh deep cream sweet juicy also used cider M C
Prince Alfred 3 UK Large flat/int/rectangular yellow w orange flush & scarlet stripes: flesh white/orange tng M Smith
Prince Edward 4 UK Medlarge flat truncconic - green yellow w orange scarlet flush dark scarlet stripes - flesh firm subacid mid to late season M Smith
Prinzenapfel 3 Germany Med/large tall/rectanglar green/gold w orange/red flush carmine streaks: yellow subacid M Smith
Quatford Aromatic UK Small conic ribbed - flushed yellw w russet - sweet subacid aromatic - mid late season M Smith
Red Astrachan 2 Russia Medium flat/trunc/conic pale yellow w crimson flush: flesh green/white subacid - USA websites suggest cider use due to high tannin content. Confused in  Australia with Melba M Smith
Red Bow HELP Ex KR - need description ?
Red Canada USA Large intermdiate rectangular to trunc connic. Lt green/yellow w deep red flush and stripes, flesh crisp whitegreen rich subacid aromatic flavour M Smith
Red Limbertwig 4 USA Medium flat/trun/conic green/yellow w crimson flush & stripes: flesh firm white subacid M Smith
Red Winter Pearmain (Buncombe) USA Tall rectangular conic -yello white flushed maroon large light dots- flesh tender whitish yellow w slt sweetness and aromatics - season very late M Smith
Red Winesap 3 USA ex Grove sport of Winesap  crisp yellow flesh, deep red skin sweet subacid very late M Smith
Reinette de Bayeux France Large tall to intermediate - yelow mottled red w red streaks - sweet subacid perfumed M Smith
Reinette du Canada 4 France Triploid High Vitamin C Med to large flat/intermediate rect to conic pale yellow skin slt orange almost covered with fine patchy russett. flesh creamy white acid M Smith
Reinette de Macon 4 France Medium int/flat/rectangular yellow/green w brown/red flush: flsh creamy sweet subacid M Smith
Rhode Island Greening 4 USA Triploid Med/large yellow/green w some orange flush: flesh firm green/yellow acid: late M Smith
Ribston Pippin 2 UK Triploid High C Medium flat/rect yellow flushed orange red streaks: yellow subacid M Smith
Rokewood 3 Australia Medium int/tall/trunc/conic yellow/green w orange/red flush: flesh crisp sweet subacid M Smith
Rome Beauty 5 Sf USA Self fertile Med/large int/rect/trunc/conic pale yellow w orange/scarlet flush red stripes: flesh course greenish white sweet subacid very late long stalk M Smith
Roter Ananus Germany Medium intermediate to tall conic ribbed apex; skin yellow vovered with light and dark red; flesh firm yellowish white red tinge under skin subacid M Smith
Roundway Magnum Bonum 3 UK Large flat conic; skin yellowish green dull brown flusk and red streaks;flesh firm yellow sweet; very late. M Smith
Royal Gala (Tenroy) 4 NZ Sport of Gala Medium oblong/conical gold w orange/red flush striped red: flesh cream y juicy firm aromatic honeyed Kidds Orange Red x Golden Delicious Brogdale
Royal Jubilee 3 Sf UK Cooker self fertile Large flat/conic yellow/green w russett netting: flesh yellow subacid M Smith
Royal Sovereign HELP Ex Strz need description ?
Rymer 3-5 UK Large int/flat/rectangular pale red w deeper red flush: flesh yellow subacid M Smith


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