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Apple Varieties in Miapple collection (May 2013).

Table of General Varieties S to Z.

Variety................................. Flower Group Source/Origin.... Description................................................................... References
Scarlett Nonpariel 3 UK Medium flat/rectangular yellow/green w orange/red flush greenish rusett patches: creamy subacid very late M Smith
Scarlet Pearmain UK Med tall to intermediate trunc conic - yellow w scarlett flush and streaks - mildsweet M Smith
Senator (Oliver) USA Medium large round;golden yellow streaked dark red russet dots; flesh juicy crisp sharp M C
Senshu 3 Japan Medium large round;green yellow bright red stripes; flesh yellowwhite juicy ex flavr M C
Shepherds Perfection 3 Australia Raised froma pip of Blenheim Orange in the 1860,s by W.A.Shepherd in Somerville, Victoria. Fruit is medium round ovate, greenish yellow with dark red stripes and streaks. Flesh is white juicy and highly flavoured. Ripens medium late keeps well.Wax model made in1900 exists at PowerHouse Museum Sydney. AFC
Spartan 3 Sf Canada Large flat/rectangular yellow w purplish/red flush: flesh crisp wery white subacid: late M Smith
Splendour 3 NZ Med large rectangular to trunc-conic ribbed; skin pale yellow orange-red flush and few streaks russett base and apex; flesh firm yellowish sweet subacid M Smith
Statesman 3 Australia Large predominantly red: flesh sharp scrisp fruity M C
Stayman's Winesap 3 USA Triploid Large int/rectangular green/yellow w dull red flush and red stripes - with little grey dots (not mentioned by MS): flesh firm subacid M Smith
Stewarts Seedling (Ballarat) 3 Australia Large rectangular, green/yellow w pink flush : flesh coarse hard green/white - very late M Smith
Striped Beefing 4 UK Large intermediate to flat, ribbed, dull green w dark red flush and stripes- flesh firm greenish white acid to subacid/sweet season very late M Smith
Sturmer Pippin 3 UK High C Medium inter/flat/trunc/conic green/yellow brown/red flush: flesh green/white acid flavour improves with shelf life, late, popular for  cider in Tasmania M Smith
Sturmer Pippin Red (Malone) 3 Sturmer scions supplied by Grove referred to the synonym Red Malone on labelling Grove
Summer Pearmain (Amer             ican Summer Pearmain) 2 USA Medium tall rectangular, yello flushed and striped red. flesh yellow subacid aromatic M Smith
Summerred Canada McIntosh x Golden Delicious. Large tall with bright solid red skin. Flesh firm crisp cream mid early. M Smith
Summer Strawberry 4 UK North Medium flat/inter/rect green/yellow w yellow and red stripes:flesh white/yellow subacid M Smith
Sundowner (Cripps Red) 4 Australia Low chill, Medium oblong deep red : flesh white sweet-sharp sibling to pink lady  M C
Suntan (Malling Suntan) 5 UK Coxs OP x CourtPenduPlat; med flat round; skin gold orange red flush striped red some russett; flesh deep cream sweet juicy aromatic M C
Sweetman 2 Early (January) heavy cropper if small honey sweet yellow apples origin unknown Grove
Tasman Pride 2 Australia Dessrt Medium inter/conic pale green w deep scarlet flush striping: flesh white/green acid M Smith
Toccoa USA Medium size intermediate conic, slt ribbed on body and at eye - yellow w lt crimson flush and darker red streaks - tender yellow flesh, sweet/subacid mid early M Smith
Trennere Ex KR ?
Tropical Beauty 2 S.Africa Low chill Medium flat/tall/rect green/gold w red/orange flush: flesh yelow/white sweet late M Smith
Twenty Ounce 3 USA Large int/rect/trunc/conic yellow w red flush mottle and splash: flesh coarse yellow subacid M Smith
Tufts Baldwin 4 USA Large inter/flat/rectang green/yellow w deep red flush: flesh coarse crisp yellow subacid M Smith
Tydemans Early Worcester 3 UK Medium intermediate rectangular slt conical, dull yellow with deep red flush and darker streaks, flesh crisp verywhite sweet subacid scented M Smith
Upton Pyne 4 UK Large connic golden yellow striped pink. flesh firm white subacid aromatoc pine flvr M Smith
Viking 1? USA Developed in Illinois with a complex parentage including Drops of New Jersey, Delicious, Rome Beauty and a Japanese flowering crabapple. The round dark maroon to purple coloured fruit ripens early summer and has a unusual rose and lychee flavour. Uses unclude eating, cooking and juice. OrangePippin
Violette 4 France Medium talltointermediate recttotrunc-conic ribbed yellow overlaid w pinkish and purple red. flesh fine white subacid slight aromatic flavour. M Smith
Vista Bella 2 USA Ripens v. early, ex New Jersey Ag Experiment Station named for exceptional behavoir in Guatemala highlands. Green w deep red flush. flesh like McIntosh Brogdale
Webar Klar 2? German? Probably Weisser KlarApfel (syn White Transparent) the German character for double "ss" looks like a "B" as in "WeiBer Klar". When fruits it will confirm. MIApple
White Transparent (Klarapfel) 2 Russia Medium tall/inter/conic pale yellow/white  w pale dots: flesh crisp white subacid fruits very early keeps poorly. Cooking or eating M Smith
White Winter Pearmain 3 USA Medium intermediate to conic ribbed; Skin pale yellow slt brownish red flush russett dots; flesh crisp yellow tinge subacid aromatic; late M Smith
Williams Favourite 4 USA Medium tall to intermediate, greeish yellow flushed brownred w deep red stripes - rough russet at apex and base - flesh tender greenish white subacid aromatic early M Smith
Willy Sharp 2-3 NZ Medium large tallto intermediate rect to trunc-conic ribbed;skin deep yellow russett dots; flesh firm yellowish white slt subacid M Smith
Winesap (Blacktwig) 3 USA Large tall/inter/conic green/yellow w dull red flush and stripe: flesh coarse sweet subacid M Smith
Winter Banana 3 USA Low chill Medium/large inter/tall/flat/conic pale yellow w pink/red flush: flesh crisp subacid Grows vigorously at MIApple Farm M Smith
Winter Majetin 5 UK Intermediate to tall, trunc conic. Skin greenish yellow with red-brown flush, dotted. and greasy. Flesh crisp coarse greenish white subacid. Very late. M Smith
Woodstock Pippin 4 UK Large inter/flat/rect yellow/green slt orange flush: flesh crisp yellow acid late M Smith
Worcester Pearmain 4 UK Dessert Large Inter/conic pale yellow w bright red flush russett dots: flesh crisp sweet  M Smith
Yates (Red Warrior) 4 USA Medium flat/rect/trunc/conic yellow green w carmine flush darker streaks: flesh white sweet M Smith



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