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About MIApple Farm.

Peter and Zofia Cooke bought the valley property in MiaMia, Victoria in 2002 close to the township of Redesdale and Lake Eppalock.

The property has a wide flat valley with a creek running through it and average rainfall of 16 inches per year (in 2002 it was 25 inches).

Harcourt (the apple centre of Victoria) is 20 Kms west of MiaMia. The district is largely sheep grazing country with some cropping and in more recent times many vineyards and a few olive orchards have evolved. Two of our neighbours have vineyards and make fine Chiraz.

Until 2006 we were dependant on creek and dam water to irrigate our orchard and gardens - then we found abundant drinkable bore water which has allowed us to expand the orchard to hold a reasonable array of heritage apple trees and other varieties.

About us.

Peter grew up on a small heritage fruit farm in Upper Beaconsfield, Victoria. Most of the neighbours had apple and cherry orchards and grazed a few cattle. He learned to appreciate the home grown fruit when it was picked fresh from the tree along with fresh home baked bread spread with butter just taken from the old wooden butter churn or fresh baked scones smothered in home made black berry jam and whipped cream fresh from the home cream separator. Full cream milk came in a billy can still warm and fresh from the cow.

As a farm boy he wouldbag a rabbit or two and sometimes bring home native black fish from the local stream and when the season was right pick baskets of delicious field mushrooms. There was no electricity until he was a teenager. Firewood was used for cooking and heating and the fridge and night lamps ran on kerosine. He learned to use an axe or pull on the other end of a cross cut saw when very young.

Zofia grew up in outer suburban Dandenong when houses had big back yards, ducks, chickens, fresh eggs, numerous fruit trees and a productive vegie garden. The fruit and vegies were preserved the traditional way with the old Fowlers Vacola preserving outfit. If the rooster attacked father one too many times in the chookpen, he finished up on the dinner table. Zofia also developed a liking for home grown produce fresh picked from the garden.

Our aims.

We are developing MIApple Farm so that family and friends can also appreciate home grown heritage fruit, vegetables and flowers that have real scent and flavour and have been grown using the principals of permaculture and organics. Then to grow heritage fruit trees (particularly heritage apples) that can be made available to others who want to develop their own heritage orchard.


So far we have managed to grow a wide variety of herbs and flowers, we harvest lavender every year, we have an abundance of vegetables and berries for home and family use - many of which have been preserved and now the fruit trees are starting to produce.

The field mushrooms have been delicious in season and Peter has even managed to bag the odd bunny for the dinner table.

We want our family and friends to appreciate the difference between the commercial misused word "fresh" (from the fridge) and the real aromas and tastes of fresh picked produce with natural fresh from the field flavour.

Photos about us

Zofia Loves her Garden

MainGarden  BackGarden  RockGarden

FloralDisplay  MainRockery  WishingWell

Zofia's Rose Garden

Rose1  Rose2  Rose3

Rose5  Rose6  Rose7  Rose8
Family visit to MIApple Farm
Peter in the reading room
Zofia - head gardener
A big shovel for a big garden
Stairway in the rock garden.
Rollo the working farm dog.
Young apple tree netted for birds
Waterering the new rock garden
Our dog Rollo - gone fishing