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Apple cider in Australia

In Australia what we call cider is alcoholic what the Americans call "hard cider. What we call apple juice the Americans call cider.

We have additional distinctions in Australia - most Australians buy what they think is apple juice at the super market made from re-constituted South American juice. If you have ever tasted the local juice made from real apples, you will never go back to the re-constitute.

Unfortunately there is no protection in Australia for the real apple cider producer. A beverage company can import a barrel of re-constitute, add some water, sugar, alcohol, bubbles and who knows what other chemicals and they are allowed to call it "apple cider".

Home brew apple cider

At MIApple Farm we have 40 varieties of cider apples and we will have our first crop of cider apples in 2009. We will be making home brew cider for our own use for a couple of years - it comes out at about 9% proof. Then we will look at our options.

Real apple juice from real apples

Compared to the real stuff, supermarket re-constituted apple juice is tasteless muck.

We buy Harcourt Apple juice made from real apples at our local store in Redesdale. It tastes so good it is addictive and one glass is never enough. As with most good organic farm products, the taste of the juice changes a little as the season progresses.

If you want to know a little more about real apple juice click on the link - HARCOURT APPLE JUICE

Real apple cider from real Australian apples.

Cider is produced by a small number of cider makers in Australia. We buy our cider from Henry of Harcourt.

Cider can be still or sparkling, dry or sweet. It is essentially a fruit wine that can be blended to a taste.

Cider makers in Harcourt are on the links HENRY OF HARCOURT and BRESS of HARCOURT for other links in the Yarra Valley near Melbourne is KELLYBROOK and in South Australia THOROGOODS.